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I've just got back from a public presentation about Snowsport for Sheffield and the great things they have planned for Sheffield Ski Village at Parkwood Springs. I remember the ski village opening and its now such a shame to see it, along with other 'City of Sport' venues, in tatters. What Snowsport for Sheffield are looking at is a new venue, a centre of excellence as it once was for the youth to develop and build their skills not only at snowsports but mountain biking too.

This is great news for Sheffield and if everything goes to plan could end up with that iconic venue being brought back to life and will mean more, better and accessible facilities for cyclists too, building on the blue trail already in place there would be uplift for a downhill section which was in its infancy when the ski village closed. It will also help to breathe more life into the huge resourec available so close to the city.

If you want to know more why not follow them on twitter @snowsportsheff or at