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Announcement in The Star

Russell Cutts2 Comments

So the cat is out of the bag. Yes it's true, Russell's Bicycle Shed is moving to be part of the new 'super' Cycle Hub at Sheffield Station. I've been working at the station now for 18 months and with the recent new developments I will be taking on the retail space within the Hub.

What does this mean for you?

Well there will be a shop front, with the usual maintenance and repair services still available from 7am Monday to Friday. I'll be stocking all the usual necessities for cycling with particular emphasis on those who choose to commute by bicycle.

I'll be stocking a range of Marin hybrid bikes and there will be a fleet of Marin Fairfax bikes available for hire from one day to 2 weeks.

I'll be supporting activities at the hub and encouraging more people to get on their bikes to travel. The Cycle Hub, with its 400 bicycle capacity, will be a great addition to the city centre and really help cyclists travelling into the city, It'll be available for anyone to use regardless of whether you are catching a train or just popping to the cinema.

It'll be manned 12 hours a day, Mon-Fri, by Russell's Bicycle Shed staff. There'll be changing rooms and toilets. Free air pumps and most importantly a safe dry place for your trusty steed.

More info coming soon..........