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Russell CuttsComment

I've just been told by my doctor I need to cut back on the coffee, its hard to do when you are a cyclist. Coffee and cycling seem to be inherently linked maybe its the opportunity to have a refuel after or during a hard ride or maybe its just a stop off on a relaxing ride through the country but either way you generally can't go anywhere these days without seeing a cyclist friendly cafe. Whether you are speeding through heavy traffic on Old Street in London past the most famous and amusingly titled cycling cafe Look Mum No Hands or you are cycling through Hope on your way into or out of the Peak District at the Woodbine Cafe you are sure to find a cafe catering for you and your bicycle.

One such cafe exists here in Sheffield; Amici & Bici is a cafe and social for cyclists and coffee lovers alike. You'll find it on Abbeydale Road on one of the busiest arteries into Sheffield City Centre and one of the flatest routes out of the city into the countryside. Its a great place to stop off for coffee and cake after a ride or a sandwich before. I'm also there on Tuesday afternoons helping you stay on the road doing all those little jobs that can niggle on you as you ride, gear changes, brake blocks, flat tyres etc.

I'm always on the look out for new cafes to visit especially those that cater for cyclists, why not tell me about your favourites, they can be anywhere in the world!

They also do decaf so at least I can still enjoy a cup.