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CliffHanger 2015 Day 2 -

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What a great weekend at Cliffhanger 2015. 

Being a small independent bike shop we really value your feedback.

If you were one of the many people who spoke to us over the weekend: first, thank you for saying hello and if you have had any subsequent questions, thoughts or ideas, please get in touch (via email, phone or comment below). We really want to hear from you.

We also produced a new brochure for the event, if you didn't pick one up or you were not at Millhouses Park this weekend, we still have a few copies in our shop at the Station or you can download a PDF version here: Love Commuting? You might if you ride.

As you might have read in our last blog post we used Cliffhanger to launch our new Commuter Bike Trial. We think, right now, really is the best time to give cycling to work a go:

This week the schools in Sheffield break-up for their summer holidays; so, generally for the next six weeks the traffic gets lighter - which is great. For your inspiration: The Tour de France is in full swing with live coverage and highlights on ITV4 and on July 22, 2015, Sheffield hosts the 2015 Elite City Center Cycling at the Sheffield Grand Prix.

Not forgetting, our handpicked range of new 2015 Marin and Tern bikes in the shop and a fleet of Hire Bikes all ready for you to try.

We are here to help, support and encourage you to get on your bike. The services we offer:

Get in touch; let us help you get fitter, travel greener and start enjoying your commute.

Love Commuting? You might if you ride. 

CliffHanger 2015 Sheffield

ShopRussell CuttsComment

10:25am (ish) the gates are about to open. Cliffhanger 2015 Sheffield.

Well that was an amazing first day at Cliffhanger 2015, Sheffield. Wonderful support for our small independent bike shop from all the people who stopped to say hello. Thank you so much for spending time with us - we really appreciate it.

We've also had some good feedback. Lots of people are keen to try cycling to work this summer and many have shown an interest in our new 5-Day Commuter Trial which we officially launched this weekend:

Hire a commuter bike from us for 5 days for only £45 - if you love the experience (and we are pretty sure you will) If you then buy a new bike from us, we will give you your hire fee back. 

Also, pick up one of our flyers from the CliffHanger Festival; we'll be pleased to offer you a special 10%  discount of any new bike in our shop. 
(valid for next 28 days).

Marin Lombard

Tern Link D8

The two most popular bikes at the show have been the Marin Lombard and Tern Link D8 folding bike. 

Both these bikes have been attracting the crowds and they have both been taken on several test rides around Millhouses Park.

Sunday is set to be another good day - we hope to see you here, please pop-by and say hello.