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Cycle September, why?

Russell CuttsComment

No doubt that someone famous and possibly a scientist once commented that it takes only 30 days to change a habit. September has 30 days.

Cycle September is a great way to change your travelling habits and find out how easy and how much fun cycling can be. I know everyone bangs on about cycling for health, cycling to save money and cycling to reduce congestion but we believe you should cycle because it really is fun.

At our Neepsend Shop we see wide eyed children step through the door with a smile on their face when they see bikes they could ride and that enthusiasm and joy can be recreated as an adult. Don't be put off by scare stories because that's just what they are, stories. Get that bike out and take it for a spin around the block, the wind in your hair, the exhilaration of travelling faster than walking pace but feeling like you are doing no more effort. It really is addictive.

I started riding to work about 14 years ago and I'll tell you what, it was the best thing I've ever done. Yes, at first I wasn't as fit as i could've been and it took a few weeks to build that up. I learnt how to ride in all weathers without feeling put out, I even encouraged others to start riding to work.

As a driver I knew how to control the road and be safe, riding a bike is just the same as driving a car, the rules still apply and if you respect other users they'll respect you. If you are worried about riding on the road then there are loads of training courses you can benefit from and they really are a benefit, this isn't your school cycle proficiency course.

We can all make excuses not to do it but in reality are you being truthful to yourself when you say that? It's easier than you think but don't overdo it at first, take your time build confidence and get some good advice from other commuting cyclists, like us.

If you want to get cycling and don't have a bike why not hire one of ours for £50 for a month and see how you get on. Click here for more details.