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Russell's Bicycle Shed provides access to a network of Cycle Hubs

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Cycle theft is on the increase and it's hard to find a place to park your bicycle for any length of time with the comfort that it will be relatively secure.

Parking your bicycle in any public space can put it at risk and using a simple cable lock makes it an easy target for thieves but there are a number of more secure locations in both Sheffield and Nottingham that can be accessed through our network of shops.

East Midlands Trains offer a network of five star cycle hubs at some of their railway stations these include Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. With smaller facilities at Lincoln, Kettering and Loughborough. To access these any or all of these hubs you'll need an East Midlands Trains key fob which is available from our shops at Sheffield and Nottingham for only £10. The key fob gives you 24/7 access* to all of the hubs. Many of the hubs have changing facilities and toilets along with shop services like ours at Sheffield and Nottingham open from 7am until 7pm Monday to Friday. So if you use the rail network to commute and want a bicycle at either end of your journey this is a must. Find out more about East Midlands Trains Hubs here.

In Nottingham there is also a network of city cycle hubs located in key convenient places like Beeston Railway Station, Lace Market and many of the Park and Ride stations. To access this network of cycle hubs you'll need a Nottingham CityCard available from our Nottingham Shop for only £5. You'll need some form of photo ID to get one of these cards. Find out more about the CityCard Cycle Hubs here

Cycle Hubs aren't 100% full-proof but they are a lot more secure than parking your bicycle on the street. It's best to use a Gold rated Sold Secure D-Lock for locking your bicycle wherever you are and if you are a regular user in cycle hubs like those at Sheffield there is even a place to leave the lock without obstructing a stand.

If you want to know more about the facilities available please do get in touch, click here for our contact details

* Some cycle hubs close when the station is closed due to security and operations of the station please check locally.

Sheffield Station has 525 cycle spaces
Nottingham Station has 140 cycle spaces