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Spring has Sprung

Russell Cutts1 Comment

What a difference a day makes, so the song goes, from cold dark wet weather to glorious sunshine and temperatures touching the late teens. You gotta love Britain and all it can throw at us. But now is the time to Discover more in this Special City of ours.

April and May are very blue, not because of the ever changing weather but because of that simple little flower seen so beautifully in our special woodland, the Bluebell.

I took my bike out into the local woods, Roe Woods, you may not have heard of it. Its not a big expanse of woodland but it hosts some amazing nature and one thing that I really can't express more is the beauty that appears around about now. The blue blanket that descends over the remnants of last years leaf fall is quite spectacular. Its amazing to think that a simple stone wall separates a busy main road and the tranquility of the the wood. Its a wonderful resource.

Its not just here that the bluebells come out in force and no matter where you are in the city there will be some bluebells within cycling distance. Our picks of the bunch though must be Woolley Wood, Ecclesall Wood and right here in Roe Wood. For Woolley Woods follow the Five Weirs walk to Meadowhall then drop onto the National Cycle Network Route 67 along the old railway line, when you get to Grange Lane turn left up the hill and the woods are a short distance from there. Take care its a busy, and fast, road but its worth it. Ecclesall Woods can be found along Abbeydale Road, opposite the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet there is an entrance to the woods. Roe Woods, well they are just behind my house, so I'm quite lucky with the view I get, but if you follow the signs to the Northern General Hospital this will take you to the Herries Road Entrance and there they are nestled between the houses opposite on Norwood Road.

Its well worth the ride out to Discover Your City especially on a weekend like what is coming up. If you don't have a bike why not hire one from our Station Shop.