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It's All About The Fold

Russell CuttsComment

Being at a railway station means you see a lot of people riding unusual small wheeled bikes that amazingly disappear to the size of a medium suitcase when they step on the train. Its become something of a cultural change in commuting.

We now have the technology to cycle to the station, fold up our bikes and catch a train, unfold them at the end of your journey and ride to wherever you need to be but there are many reasons why people choose a folding bicycle.

It may be you don't have the room for a full size bicycle. It may be you don't like leaving your bicycle unattended. Our like me part of your commute may be on public transport. I live far out in South East Sheffield and travel into work by cycling about 2 miles then catching the Yellow Route tram for about 8 miles then a final 1/4 mile ride to the Station. Riding the 10 miles into work each day would probably not be as enjoyable especially riding the many busy roads my route would take me. My folding bicycle gives me the ability to vary my routes to accommodate the weather conditions and my mood, arriving at work with a smile on my face. It's all about being able to take my bicycle where I want. There are bikes to suit any budget and any style of riding a folding bicycle gives you the convenience of knowing you are mobile wherever you are.

I have a friend who is a pilot he takes his all over the world with him and another who is an actor who also take his folding bike to various shoots with him. Having a folding bicycle gives them the ability to discover more about the places they visit with work getting out and about with your bicycles and enjoying themselves. Yes there are comprises using a folding bicycle but with the right choice of bicycle for you the fun and enjoyment out way them.

Here is a great video from Tern Folding Bicycle dealer Power In Motion based in Calgary Canada talking to two customers who have taken their bikes all over the world.

Alan has ridden a folding bike for many years he is our folding bicycle specialist in the shop and can strip and rebuild a most makes blindfold, Ok maybe not blindfold but you get the gist. We have a great selection of Tern Folding Bicycles here at our Sheffield Station Shop and we have one to hire if you need to take a bike on the train.

So come down to Russell's Bike shed at the Sheffield Station to discover the fun and convenience of a folding bicycle and take a test ride.