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A new fleet of proper hire bikes

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We never realised how popular our hire bikes would be.

When we started hiring bikes we decided that each year we would renew them, this not only means you get the opportunity to own one of our last fleet of top notch bikes but it also means you can also benefit from some new stock.

We have used the Marin Fairfax as our fleet hire bike since we opened and it has served us and you very well. Some of our bikes have travelled the length and breadth of the country and one even had a holiday to Vienna. They were solid hard working and easy to ride and they just got an upgrade!

A new bike for our fleet

The new fleet consists of the all new Marin Fairfax SC2, they are different in few ways to their predecessor, firstly and most notably they are bright blue, love it or hate it the colour is very eye catching and its great to see colourful bikes riding around the city. The mechanical upgrades include extra gears, from 24 to 27 gears, and a completely redesigned frame. These bikes still act and respond like before but somehow they just do it better. Marin have spent a lot of time and effort making this bike special even down to the slimline headset spacers to reduce weight while widening the handlebars to improve control.

We really like this bike, its smart, fast and user friendly. And as before we have named our bikes just so that we know who you have hired.

The Marin Fairfax SC2 rrp £450.00, hire available from £1 per hour.

The Marin Fairfax SC2 rrp £450.00, hire available from £1 per hour.

We may have updated our fleet but we haven't updated our prices and you can still hire one of these beautiful bikes for only £1 per hour, £5 for the day and £10 overnight.

If you want to hire one of our bikes why not come down to the shop or give us a call. You may enjoy it so much that you buy one.

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