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Where will you go....

Russell CuttsComment

Travelling by bicycle can be exciting, the daily commute can be transformed into a mini adventure; you can take your bicycle to places you wouldn't normally see in the car and certainly not on the bus. Bicycles have the power to transform your day from the regular and mundane into the exciting and varied.

In Sheffield there are lots of opportunities to take the scenic route to work or just discover some new roads, its great if you are house hunting! If you don't believe me why not try it.

When you take the alternative route you find things that maybe you had heard about but never bothered to look for when you were in the car. Cycling gives you the opportunity to discover these places. There are lots of nooks and crannies like this in Sheffield, you can discover them all by bicycle.

Kelham Island and Neepsend is just one of those places. We all know it for the excellent beers and pubs it has but do you know what else you can find down there. Well you'll find art galleries and museums, there are huge open spaces with rabbits aplenty and herons fishing on the river, there is a kayaking club and now there are cafes and restaurants with award winning food and drink. Yellow Arch Studios makes music to your ears and you can listen to new bands practice in empty spaces all around. If you follow some of the streets to their supposed end you'll find narrow alleyways that take you somewhere new. The history of the area is frozen in bricks and mortar all around you while new developments grow up out of the ground. Take the car and you'll barely experience anything, do it on a bike and you'll be able to take in the whole vista.

Cycling is your ticket to a new experience and a new adventure, why not give it a try: click here.