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Nice new bikes

Russell CuttsComment

It's always a pleasure to see someone new to cycling ride off on their nice new bike and Thursday was one of those days.

A brace of Marin bikes, already for the streets of Sheffield.

We had sat down and discussed the options, front suspension v rigid frame, gearing, frame sizes and even the colour. Finally settling on a Silver Marin San Rafael and a Blue Marin San Anselmo. Both great entry level hybrids and just perfect for riding some the trails and road.

So after recieving the bikes at my workshop and setting them up we took some time making sure our customers were comfortable riding them, a few laps around the car park, a few tweaks here, a few more laps and everyone was happy. Learning the gears would take a little time but after a few trips they would get the knack of choosing the right one for the terrain.

Off they went on their shiny new steads. Some new cyclists for Sheffield.