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Welcome to my Blog...

Russell Cutts1 Comment

Welcome to my blog, hopefully you will find it an interesting read.

I would love this site to become a hub of expert advice and a resource for anyone interested in urban & leisure cycling and commuting in Sheffield.

I use 'urban & leisure' because I think there is already a wealth of great information online for the recreational cyclist who venturous off into the Peak District (something I love to do too); but why double up, I'll just link to it instead.

If you commute around the city this is the place for you - I'll pull together the latest news and views relating to Sheffield and cycling around the city, just for you.

Also, If you like a family bike ride alone the Five Wires Walk or exploring the quieter historic backstreet of Sheffield, you will find some interesting articles here in the very near future.

The cycling / bike scene in Sheffield is active and growing.

I would love you feedback too. I plan for most blog post to allow comments and would appreciate your constructive contribution. If you've never posted a comment before - be bold, have ago it can be fun.