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Good news story - Here's how we got someone from non-cyclist to 100 mile smasher

Russell CuttsComment

Daniel is an unassuming sort of bloke, he comes into our shop regularly and when we first opened up and started to offer hire bikes he popped in one day and asked to hire a bike, at the time we didn't fully understand what this meant to Daniel but we were soon to find out.

He took that bike on a trip along the Five Weirs Walk in Sheffield to Meadowhall and he loved it, so he came back to hire the bike again, he even started to ask for the bike by name as all our bikes have names. Week in week out he'd come over to the shop and hire the bike and he'd travel further and further every time and in many different directions. We would give him cycling advice and help him discover new places to visit and then one day when we were offering our first batch of hire bikes for sale he came in and bought Rita, the bike he'd been taking out on cycle trips for so long. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with cycling that just keeps getting better and better.

Daniel takes ownership of his Hire Bike

Daniel takes ownership of his Hire Bike

Daniel started riding to and from the shop instead of taking the bus to hire a bike he now had one of his own. Further and further afield he has been visiting attractions all over the county by bike. Off to Clumber Park and even riding around Leeds we've been so impressed. He upgraded his bike to something more road orientated in his words 'to go faster and further'.

Then completely out of the blue he announced to us that he had done his first 100 mile ride! Now this wasn't a Sportive or organised event this was just a ride from his home to north of Leeds and back. It was hilly, it was fun and it took him 10 hours but you know what, he was beaming with a big smile across his face when he told us.

Daniel after his epic 100 miler

Daniel after his epic 100 miler

Daniel started cycling only 2 years ago with a hire bike from our Sheffield Station Shop and now he is smashing those 100 mile routes and more to the point he is enjoying it. The bike gives him freedom, to go where he wants when he wants and as far as 100 miles in a day. We're so proud to have helped him on that journey and now he is looking for another better bike to replace his current one, it's completely addictive!

We can help you get cycling and stay cycling, it's what we are all about. Hire a Bike from us for a month for only £50 and if you love it so much you buy a new bike from us we'll give you the £50 back. Can't say fairer than that.

See our Hire Bike page for more details.