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New Bikes are here!

Russell CuttsComment

We've just taken delivery of some new bike ranges this week and we thought you might want to know whats going on.

The Light Blue have been producing their Urban range for some time now and we've decided to try it out on Sheffield hills. Its a traditional sit-up-and-beg bike, designed for comfort, lightweight aluminium frame and low gearin means this bike has really impressed us on the hills.
If you're not looking to break any records and just enjoy the ride then this is definitely one for you.
We have a Ladies Chesterton in a 17.5in frame.
7 gears with a 38 tooth chainring.
It's also available in the Gents style with a cross-bar.

These bikes come fully equipped with racks, mudguards and chain guard. The Halo Wheels are smooth and hard-wearing and the Halo Torist Tyres are grippy in all weathers, puncture resistant and roll easy.

What more can you ask for at only £400.00

Along with the Light Blue and keeping with the British brands we have just taken on the Bickerton Folding Bike to compliment the Brompton. These bikes are built on a tried and tested folding set up found on many folding bike brands. What makes Bickerton different is their history, their innovation and their style.

The new Argent frame is designed to be strong and lightweight giving the bike a bold look while retaining the British style. The bikes are once again designed for comfort with fatter tyres to absorb those bumpy roads and swept back handlebars to give you a more sit-up position

Starting at just £449.00 these bikes are a value for money folding bike suitable for taking away on a train or in the boot of any car.

Join us at our Sheffield Station Shop to give any of these bikes a test ride.