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Winter Riding

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Winter is well and truly on its way now, the leaves are falling and the days are drawing in. We have all the kit and advice you need to get you bike ready for winter.

New Lights? Now the days are drawing in it's highly likely that you'll be riding in the dark more frequently. It's been a while since you last used your lights, you may have even lost them, so check are they working ok. If not get a sleek set of new Smart lights that are ultrabright and will make you seen on even the darkest of nights. With choice of battery or USB charging they are great for commuting.

Better grip? The roads are wet and slippery maybe its time to invest in some new rubber that's a bit grippier. We recommend Schwalbe Marathons or Halo Twin Rail to give the best all round performance. When the ice and snow comes you don't have to stop as we have Schwalbe studded winter tyres already in stock. Don't be scared to invest in tyres, the harder you ride the more you should spend and the more puncture protection you get.

It's chilly outside. So wrap up warm but make sure you layer up so that when you get hot after riding all those miles you can remove a layer or two. Wind is your enemy in winter so make sure you wear a good quality softshell jacket to keep it from penetrating those layers, alternatively you can do as the pro-riders do and stuff some newspapers down your jersey. Gloves too are essential, you don't want your fingers going numb.

Take your time. It's no longer a race out there, summer is a distant memory and now its time to learn how to ride with style and panache, don't think about your Strava times. Be seen and keep your eyes out too, in the dark and wet potholes and debris disappear so you need to watch out for them.

Winter Bike? There is always an excuse to get a new bike, even if you have a fleet already, but if you are really putting in the miles and don't want to trash your carbon fibre road bike this winter why not consider a stylish steel bike, we have a range from Marin, The Light Blue or Ritchey. Our Foffa range make real sense for winter commuter riding, simple steel frames with stylish good looks.

Why not take a trip to one of our shops to discuss your winter riding options.