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Cycling in Sheffield is the best way to access all of the top events, see the sights and visit the best cafes. Our round up aims to let you know about the best bits of the non cycling world of Sheffield so you know where to ride to!

Regather Works Oddeon - Thursday 6th October - 7pm

The Regather Works Sheffield Oddeon showcases the best that terrible cinematic productions have to offer. It showcases the oddest creations to hit the big or small screen and celebrates their failures. This month the Oddeon will focus on the $65 million dollar flop, FoodFight! 

Regather works say "In December 2002, less than a year before the release of FoodFight! the hard drives containing all the production footage were stolen in such a large-scale act of industrial espionage that the US Secret Service were called into investigate. Nothing was recovered, and all assets had to be rebuild from scratch with no budget. 
Scrambling to stick to deadlines and cut all unnecessary costs, large swathes of the production were outsourced - often to companies with conflicting or false understanding of the film's direction and art style".

This film was never meant to see the light of day after the initial confusion but after it's purchase at action it saw commercial release in 2013. To grab tickets for this months oddity pop over to the Regather Works ticket page.

Arrivals: Making Sheffield Home - Weston Park Museum

Now for some more refined arts and culture with the Arrivals exhibition at Weston Park Museum. Jeremy Abrahams main aim is to document the individuals who move to Sheffield from all over the world to make it their home. 

Weston Park Museum describes it as "A unique tribute to Sheffield’s richly diverse population.It documents the experiences of people who arrived in the city from overseas between 1945 and the present day. The images are accompanied by a range of moving personal stories, from bravery and triumph to love and loss".

For more information visit the Weston Park Museum website.

Sensoria 2016 - 1st - 8th October

Now the Festival of The Mind is finished Sensoria is here to continue the run of fantastic events happening in Sheffield. Sensoria is a arts festival with music, film and multimedia events which runs all year but celebrates it's work with a annual week of events and activities that take place in locations and venues across the city. For more information on the full programme visit the Sensoria website.