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Russell's Shed Chat Show... with Cycle Sheffield

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Welcome to Russell's Bicycle Shed's (soon to be) infamous and grandiosely named online talk show 'Russell's Shed Chat Show... with Cycle Sheffield'. Every fortnight we will be inviting Cycle Sheffield to sit down on our plush leather studio sofa to talk about cycling in Sheffield. We will ask them three questions and they will offer three sage pearls of wisdom. 

Cycle Sheffield campaign for #space4cycling in Sheffield.

Cycle Sheffield campaign for #space4cycling in Sheffield.

Cycle Sheffield are an active bunch and you will no doubt have seen their publicity material out and about around the city. However, you may not be aware about who they are and what they do. Therefore, for the first instalment we will focus on niceties and introductions. Say hello to Cycle Sheffield!

Newsletter readers: "Hello Cycle Sheffield!"

Cycle Sheffield: "Hello newsletter readers!"

Now, enough of the falsified transcript. Time for some questions and answers from Dexter.

1. Who are Cycle Sheffield?

"CycleSheffield are the cycle campaign group in Sheffield. We campaign for a city where cycling is convenient, enjoyable and feels safe so anyone can choose to make their journey by bike. We think that Sheffield could, and should, be much more cycle friendly than it is currently."

2. What is the best reason to cycle in Sheffield? 

"Sheffield is the scenery. We are lucky that about 1/3 of the city lies in the Peak District but I also enjoy Sheffield's industrial heritage. Cycling from Kelham Island out along Five Weirs Walk seem to take you from industrial to countryside and back again within the space of a couple of miles. I also enjoy the hill climbs but they took a bit of getting used to!"

3. What did you have for breakfast today?


So there you go, you now know who Cycle Sheffield are and what they are all about. If you wanted to get involved in what they do or find out more about them then check out the Cycle Sheffield Website. Also, keep an eye on our website and our newsletter for more about cycling in Sheffield.

Happy cycling!

The Cycle Sheffield team in full force

The Cycle Sheffield team in full force