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Welcome to the shed's weekly round up. Bringing you all of the good stuff that comes along with riding bicycle in the steel city. A cultural hot pot of happenings, thoughts and virtual nuggets from the worlds favourite city, Sheffield.

Read on below for our top picks of the week and tips on how to explore them by bicycle.

Sharrow Reels - E.T. Special - 21st August - 7:30

An alien on a flying bicycle... what more do I need to say? A bit more, OK. Sharrow Reels are putting on an Alien, cake and bicycle extravaganza for their monthly independent community feel cinema at the Crowded House. Free cake and coffee with every ticket too!

"Sharrow Reels is back from a summer hiatus with Speilberg's classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. This 1982 sci fi classic was the highest grossing film of the 1980s and is though of as on of the best films of all time. You all know the story about the boy finding the alien in his back yard - come along and see it again on the big screen!" Sharrow Reel - Facebook


Tickets are only £3 and can be purchased on the door only. Doors open at 7:30pm. Film showing at 8pm. Alien flying at approximately 9:17pm. Check out their website for more info. Travelling by bicycle? Napier Street and Porter Brook will be your best bet for a quiet route from the City Centre. If you are struggling to find cycle parking around Crowded House then head up to Ecclesall Road.


Bat walk evening - 20th August - 7pm

Bats get a bad rep thanks to their blood sucking, trouble causing vampiric relatives. Get to know them properly though and you'll realise they're friendly and sophisticated creatures. This Bat walk evening gives you the opportunity to search for bats and other night dwelling creatures on a guided walk around our the Anston woodlands. You'll get a chance to use some bat detecting gadgets. drink tea and get expert knowledge too. 

Although not strictly in Sheffield, it's not far away. Jump on the train with your bicycle, get off at Kiveton Park and cycle over the hill to The Tropical Butterfly House. Booking is required. Visit their website for more info.


Lady Canning's Mountain Bike Trail - Any day! - Any time!

The last addition is inspired by the poor weather forecast for this weekend in the outdoor city. Lady Canning's mountain bike trail is a fantastic all weather, all ability man made roller coaster of fun just outside the city limits on Ringinglow Road. It's a short trail but loads of fun. Lady Canning's is also a crowdfunding success story that has proved to be the most ridden trail in the region for off road enthusiasts.

Get out there and splash in a few puddles! For more info on the trail, it's origins and future plans check out the Ride Sheffield (trail advocacy group) website. There is plenty of info on directions and the exact whereabouts of the trail. 


Next week's roundup...

Got an interesting event, sight or recommendation worth cycling too for next week's round up? Then let us know about it. Email to keep us in the loop.