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What's so Special About Steel? II

Russell Cutts2 Comments

Since the unveiling of our 'The Light Blue' range we've expanded our steel bikes a fair bit. While you may associate steel frames with the words 'cheap' and 'heavy', we think these bikes will change your opinion.


The Light Blue 'Robinson 105'

The Light Blue

The Light Blue Sports range are all made of steel. Not just any steel though, it's Reynolds Steel Tubing. Reynolds Tubing was developed for the Aeronautical industry so it is incredibly lightweight for its strength; the bicycle industry picked up on this. The science that goes into it isn't that complicated but we'll leave that for another post. What it does mean is that you get a steel bike that weighs less than many aluminum bikes and so goes faster and is easier to pedal up those steep hills that Sheffield is so well known for.


Marin Bikes

Marin Nicasio

Marin Nicasio

While Marin do offer a diverse range of a bikes, a selection of them are aimed at those who are looking for the unique kind of ride a steel frame can offer. Some of these are designed as modern throwbacks to the early days of the brand and some are brand new, modern setups for those of you who may be looking for something a little different. You could be a mountain biker, weekly commuter or long distance adventurer/tourer; it doesn't matter. Marin have a steel bike for you. 

Ritchey P29er

Ritchey P29er


Ritchey is a brand with a huge amount of history behind them. Nowadays you're more likely to know them for their components rather than their bikes. Whether you've heard of the brand/man behind the name, in a world dominated by carbon fibre and aluminium, we believe this is about to change as their selection of incredibly high quality steel bikes and frames are becoming more popular every year. 





If you don't know Brompton already, chances are you've seen one zipping by if you've been anywhere near a train station. These are the ultimate space saving bicycles. Not only are they nimble and quick, but they fold up into a nice neat little package that can be easily stored  on a train, in a cupboard at home, or under your desk at work. Oh and I forgot to mention, the frames are steel of course! 



Its been a while I know, but I still remember the heavy steel bike I had as a kid; and bikes like that still exist today. The weight of the bike was, in part, due to the strength of frame required. Unfortunately, cheaper steel has to be thicker to give you that strength. You will still find a lot of bikes like this and I could confidently say we have a generation of cyclists who have never truly experienced riding a good quality steel bike. It's all been aluminium and carbon fibre. But steel is a different ride experience altogether.

Riding a steel bike just feels right. It's a softer ride than aluminium and carbon fibre but still very responsive. It doesn't just feel lighter, it looks lighter, sleeker, and is generally more aesthetically pleasing. It's the image of Hinault climbing the Alpes D'Heuz in the Tour de France, it's a bike that you know could take you around the world. You know you can trust it to last.

Steel may not win you a race nowadays, it may not give you any KOM's on Strava, but if you take one of our demo models out for a spin, you'll realise that steel is worth considering as an option for your new bike.

Our steel bikes start from £550, so if we've won you over, pop into our shop at either Sheffield or Nottingham Railway Station to view the range and take a test ride.