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What's so Special About Steel?

Russell CuttsComment

You must have heard? No? We've got a new range of bikes in the shop. We think these bikes are really worth a look and there is something really special about them too...

The Light Blue range of bikes has a long history, started in 1895 by J.A. Townsend in Cambridge they were around at the start of it all when cycling was cool for the first time and now they have been reborn for a time when cycling is growing and the interest is peaking.

The Light Blue 'Robinson 105'

These bikes are all made of steel, not just any steel though its Reynolds Steel Tubing. Now some will not understand the significance of this but it really is. Reynolds Tubing was developed for the Aeronautical industry so it is incredibly lightweight for its strength and the bicycle industry picked up on this. The science that goes into it isn't that complicated but we'll leave that for another post, what it does mean is that you get a steel bike that weighs less than many aluminum bikes and so goes faster and is easier to pedal up those fine steep hills that Sheffield is so well known for.

Its been a while I know but I still remember the heavy steel bike I had as a kid, and they still exist. The weight of the bike was in part due to the strength of frame required and cheaper steel has to be thicker to give you that strength. You find a lot of bikes still around like this and I would say we have a generation of cyclists who have never truly experienced riding a steel bike, its all been aluminum and carbon fibre, but steel is a different ride experience altogether.

The Light Blue 'Kings Tiagra'

Riding a steel bike just feels right, its softer than aluminum and carbon fibre but still very responsive. It doesn't only feel lighter it looks lighter, sleeker and just right for a bike. Its the image of Hinault climbing the Alpes D'Heuz in the Tour de France, its a bike that you know could take you around the world, you know you can trust it.

Steel may not win you a race, it may not give you any KOM's on Strava but if you take one of our demo models out for a spin you'll realise that steel is worth considering as an option for your new bike.

The Light Blue range comes in 6 models ranging from modern Racers and Tourers to classic Retro Rides valid for Eroica. Prices start at £999.99. Pop into our shop at Sheffield Railway Station to view the range and take a test ride.