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Cycling in Sheffield is the best way to access all of the top events, see the sights and visit the best cafes. Our round up aims to let you know about the best bits of the non cycling world of Sheffield so you know where to ride to!

The Expedition - Jason Lewis - Thursday 13th October - 7pm

This one is for the adventurers looking for inspiration for their next trip. This illustrated talk is part of the Off The Shelf festival is sure to be one for the diary.

"During his pioneering 13 year journey around the planet, Jason Lewis survived a crocodile attack, blood poisoning, malaria, altitude sickness, two broken legs, and incarceration for suspected espionage. This illustrated talk chronicles the first human- powered circumnavigation of the Earth, battling wind and waves on a tiny boat and finding the inspiration for his new quest - to explore self-reliance through “Micro Earths” - sustainable living in small communities."

The talk is held in the Pennine Theatre at Sheffield Hallam University. Booking is essential so head over to their webpage to get your tickets.

Like Letter - Sheffield Institute of Arts - Anytime

Letters, they are everywhere! In books, on signs, on that label inside your hat. Everybody loves them. If you are particularity interested in the varying designs of typography then you will really like this exhibition. 

"Both Joanna and Fiona share a love of typography, and this project sees them taking turns to create a letter of the alphabet, posting them to each other via the Like Letters blog. Now, in the Like Letters exhibition, the pair are showcasing this artwork as well as other letters designed by their creative acquaintances around the world. They share insight into the the process behind their exchange of ideas, craft and character, too, with the exhibition acting as a celebration of friendship and creative connections that transcend geographic distance."

You can get hands on too and make your typography to take home. The exhibition ends tomorrow though so you will have to get down to the Sheffield Institute of Art before it disappears.

Mountain Biking - The Untold British Story - Thursday 13th October - 7pm - Regather Works

Sheffield is full of the mud dwelling mountain bike types. If you are part of that gang then this film is probably gonna be up your street. The showing is a throwback to this years ever growing Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and after seeing some of the names mentione din the trailer you know it going to be a good one!

"Mountain biking is now in its 4th decade – and it's come a long way from its beginnings in the hills of the West Coast USA. But that's only part of the story. The UK MTB scene grew in parallel to the well-told US tale and this documentary, shot and co-produced with the BAFTA award winning Blue Hippo Media, lays out the complete and unique history of how the MTB developed in British mud".

This showing is hosted at Regather Works and is ticketed so head over to this link for more info and to purchase yours.