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Cycling in Sheffield is the best way to access all of the top events, see the sights and visit the best cafes. Our round up aims to let you know about the best bits of the non cycling world of Sheffield so you know where to ride to!

Celluloid Screams - Sheffield Showroom Horror Film Fest - 21st - 23rd October

Halloween comes to Sheffield one week early...

Halloween comes to Sheffield one week early...

Showroom cinema will be hosting a full weekend of horror with there Celluloid Scream! Aaaaaah! Sorry, I got carried away. The weekend will host a variety of films all designed to scare, creep, and thrill. A must visit in the lead up to the annual season of spook.

Visit the Celluloid Scream website for more info, a full timetable and ticket purchasing.  

Black Sheep: The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad - 26 Oct - 6:30pm - Sheffield Library

This recommendation is a bit left of field but it sounds interesting... 

"Dr Richard Stephens casts a slant on a range of human experiences from life to death, sex to romance, from speed thrills to halting boredom and from drinking alcohol (in moderation) to headily excessive bad language. This is a fascinating left-field tour of the world of psychological science. Get ready for the many hidden benefits of being bad that you really won't have seen coming."

For more information and to pick up some free tickets, click here.

The Climbing Works - Little London Road, Sheffield

Proper winter training.

Proper winter training.

Just in case you haven't noticed, Autumn is now in full flow. The tree's are getting their annual hair cuts ready Christmas, umbrellas are emerging for their summer hibernation and our motivation for cycling is being carried away on the chilly winds. Giving up the sporty side of cycling throughout winter is understandable. If you want to keep in shape and stay warm though, indoor climbing is a good option. Sheffield is spoilt with climbing centres, our favourite is Climbing Works on Little London Road though. Well worth a visit.