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Looking good in Sheffield

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When you start selling bikes, often the manufacturers supply you with some photographs to use on your website and in brochures etc.

Whilst the ones we have got are really good photographs (very dynamic and full of life) and in fact some are OK for our needs. We wanted some photos of our own that were less generic, unique to us; something that gives our website a real sense of place and character.

So, we've been exploring Sheffield to find some picturesque locations. There is a great mix of backdrops within minutes of the railway station (where our shop is). So, with the help of our designer/photographer friend 'Polymathic' we decided to take some of our own Sheffield bike photographs.  

We took out our new Tern folding bikes. These bikes a built for commuting in and around places like Sheffield. Unlike some other foldies, Tern's have a good range of gears and even a 24 inch wheeled version - perfect for hills .

So, here are just a few photos from the day. Now we have them, look out for some changes to our website within the next few weeks. Ps. have you see our Russell's Bike Shop taster page yet?

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