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Sky riding

Russell CuttsComment

On Sunday 10th August the inaugural Sky Ride for Sheffield will take place, its free! Its CAR FREE! Sheffield is seen as city that isn't cycling friendly, not due to the people or the organisations managing the city but due to the geography which is something you just can't change but believe me it's not all that bad.

The Sky Ride has been running a number of years and involves closed roads within the city being given over to cyclists and pedestrians alike, these roads aren't huge major arteries which will cause massive problems for drivers but they will allow people and especially children ride their bikes through the city without the worry of traffic. This is not only a great idea it's something I believe Sheffield should adopt as a monthly if not weekly activity. Closing the roads makes the city centre much more pleasent to enjoy your surroundings and not to have the stress of cars. Maybe this event on Sunday could pave the way to changing peoples attitude to a hilly city and make cycling much more accessible to people of all ages.

Why don't you give it a try, if you don't have a bike don't worry I have a number of hire bikes available, go on you may just enjoy it!