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Progress report - Your views

Russell Cutts3 Comments

After what can only be deemed a very slow start work on my new premises at Sheffield Railway Station are now speeding ahead with walls growing out of the ground like bamboo on steroids. Yes it's mucky, yes it's dusty and blimey it ain't half noisy in there but at least work is really starting to happen now.
I know it's been painful for some, the closure of the cycle store just to see an empty room as you locked your bike on platform 1 was frustrating to say the least but now things are happening I hope you can see the great potential East Midlands Trains is creating here. This will be one of the biggest cycle hubs in the country and I will be making sure it is kept up to scratch. My shop will after all be front of house and I want the cycle hub to be a success.
I want your ideas on how this can happen, I've got plenty of my own but it's important that you, the people who use, it can have a say. So I'm asking for honest realistic ideas on how the place can be made efficient, friendly and inviting to regular and new users alike? Place a comment below.