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#SteelIsReal and it comes alive in a brand like Ritchey Bikes. Tom Ritchey is still at the helm of a company that has grown and developed into one of the most consistent and respected brands for everything from headset bearings and pedals to high quality wheels and bicycles. The Ritchey Bicycles range naturally come complete with Ritchey's quality componants and lightweight steel frames make this brand hard to beat on ride quality, looks and price.

SwissCross Disc_angle.jpg

Swiss Cross Disc

The Swiss Cross Disc is a Ritchey Bike for CX, for smashing through mud and trails, getting dirty and having fun in the countryside.
It comes equipped with Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and handbuilt Ritchey Wheels.

"It might be a cliché to say that you have to ride one to know, but this is steel at its very best. Ritchey calls it 'Force Directional tubing' – I call it being shoved from behind." Review 11/16

£2969.90 - Complete Bike
£1079.90 - Frameset

Road Logic_angle.jpg

Road Logic

This is more than just a winter bike. This lightweight steel bike comes in at less than 8kg and can easily keep pace with the carbon frames out there. Reliable componants and a stiff steel frame come together to create an all year round road bike.

"With the positive stem and compact reach, it creates a satisfyingly upright position that lends itself to exploring, allowing you to take in your surroundings: a coffee stop here, a selfie over there. And even though it sounds cheesy, the Logic isn’t assiduously pursuing KOMs, it’s about eschewing convention and riding as fast and as far as you feel like." Gran Fondo Review 03/17

£2699.90 - Complete Bike
£1199.90 - Frameset


Designed for the bikepacking culture it handles itself like a pro on British trails, whether you are looking for a long-distance off road tourer or a gnarly plaything down your local woods this could be the bike for both of you.

"What you’ll soon realise on the trail, though, is that this isn’t just another hardtail. While you can feel it take up slack in the steel frame at peak torque, it lays that power back down with a muscular flow that adds a palpable stickiness to traction." BikeRadar Review 05/17

£3149.90 - Complete Bike
£854.90 - Frameset


Looking for a 29" trail bike for big miles, wide blue skies over moorland trails? This bike is designed with just that sort of image in mind.

"Between the night of and the morning after, over 5 hours of riding across a big mix of surfaces, and when I was not trying to impress Strava, the P-29 was a fabulous companion.  The calm handling, the sweet ride, the practical and simple hardtail design…I could have spent all day on it and never felt like I was stressed." Review 08/15

£2969.90 - Complete Bike
£764.90 - Frameset

To find out more about Ritchey Bikes and how to get your hands on one of these awesome steel bikes take a trip to one of our shops and we'll be happy to help you.