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Marin Bikes

At Russell's Bicycle Shed we believe that your bicycle should reflect your ride, we want you to have a pleasant and relatively trouble free riding experience this is why we chose to offer Marin Bikes in our shop. Marin were there at the start of the mountain bike revolution but they didn't just stop at that they created a full range of quality bikes suitable for all types of riding whether it involves mud or not.

Marin Bikes are renowned for their quality build and reliability they are designed to last with tried and tested componentry they create bikes worthy of your ride.

We offer the full range of hybrid and pavement bikes including the special editions. Born out of a desire to ride and enjoy it, Marin Bikes are based in the heart of California home to many iconic American cycling playgrounds, like Mount Tamalpais and the Repack Trail, and with so many avid, all-year riders, it remains a hotbed of cycling culture and innovation. Established in 1986, founded by passionate riders.

Marin bikes are filled with knowledge and a genuine love for all things cycling. The range truly does have a bike for everyone; whether you're commuting, riding the roads or tearing up the trails.