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Terms and conditions - Russell's Bicycle Shed


1. Russell's Bicycle Shed will hereby be termed the 'supplier'. The signatory (you) will hereby be termed the 'customer'.

2. These conditions relate to the Russell's Bicycle Club Monthly Payment Scheme only.

3. The customer agrees to fulfil the contract by paying 12 individual monthly payments over one calendar year to the supplier. Failure to do so will result in termination of this contract.

4. The supplier agrees to provide one 6 month service at a date agreed with the customer at an interval of 5 months into the contract and a further 12 month service or Rebuild at a date agreed with the customer after an interval of 11 months. The customer will be allowed minor repairs or adjusts of the bicycle free of labour throughout the term of the contract. A minor adjustment is classed as any work where the labour charge is £10 or less.

5. All materials and parts are excluded from this contract except those identified in the supplier's standard service documentation. The supplier will provide the customer with an estimate based upon the work required before proceeding.

6. The supplier will contact the customer either by email or telephone in good time prior to the service date to arrange collection or drop off of the bicycle.

7. The supplier will endeavour to provide 24 hour turnaround unless prior agreement with the customer or if parts for the bicycle are not available within that period.

8. This contract is for the bicycles listed. Other bicycles will be charged at a standard rate.

9. This contract does not cover you for loss or damage and cannot be used to claim against the supplier if the bicycle is damaged when not in the supplier's care.

10. In the event that the customer changes their bicycle during the term of the contract the customer must inform the supplier prior to providing the bicycle for service.

11. This document may be amended at any time by the supplier.

12. Contract cancellation will result in the following charges:

Within the first 6 months: without penalty

After 6 months: 1 extra payments.

13. If at any point during the term of the contract payments by the customer cease without notice in writing or verbally, for whatever reason, the supplier reserves the right to invoice the customer for the outstanding payments.